Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Everyone's unhappy...

As I make my way into office (as in where my seat is and not other branch offices) for the 1st time in 6 days, I hear more of the usual nonsense... Call from Tianjin, idiotic new requirements from Admin department (what's new)... but complaints from my 2 I.T. specs?!?!

So I was not the only one who was unhappy about getting recalled from Zhuhai just to look at a stupid error message on a laptop. They felt undermined because they were in the office all day long and that stupid excuse for a human just ignored their presence and decided to call me back.

Japanese just don't have any skills on handling people, especially non-Japanese. They treat their native underlings like dogs and don't show any respect to locals. I suspect the reason why they don't treat the locals like dogs is because of their inability to communicate in English and the fear of getting sued.

Great. One stupid man and 3 unhappy I.T. staff.

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