Wednesday, June 3, 2009

No welfare cuts, No paycuts, No problem...

I've been hearing of pay cuts, no increments and welfare cuts. I'm happy to write here that I've not been affected at all. The reason is simple. I'm at the bottom of the pay scale, increments wasn't expected at all and we simply have no welfare the company can cut since the company is "fully subscribing to HKGov's employment regulations".

I just realise that regulations and recommandations have a gap the size of the Grand Canyon. Recommendations so that civil servants can enjoy the benefits and regulations so that private employers can exploit their staff. No wonder people are fighting for minimum wages... which I'm sure will be filled with loopholes so that HK can stay competitive...

Japanese Companies : You love hate them and you hate them.

What am I doing in a Japanese company? Stability and comfort. I don't really have the guts to find another job and get retrenched within 3 months. Enjoy my life here, do more learn more and then see what opens up for me in future~

And I got a bad scratch on my NEW bowling ball!!! ARGHH!!! Stupid bowling alley with stupid lanes! 4-lane setup and only 1 works like clockwork! But its cheap compared to other places... It cost like HKD40(SGD8) for a game here in HK during weekends! Ahh... but then again the present ball is not really what I had in mind in the first place. Perhaps when I get my bonus I will get the Hammer Black Widow... that is... IF I get my bonus this year!

Off to the pro shop after work for a solution!

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