Friday, June 26, 2009

The police~

"During my time in the HK Police I have been vomited over, spat at, verbally abused (virtually on a daily basis),assaulted and urinated on. On my side I have scraped the corpses of traffic accident victims (occasionally children) off the road as well as countless mangled bodies of suicide jumpers. I also work shifts where your whole soul is crying out for sleep at 0400 am and where your whole body clock is permanently screwed."

To the anonymous police officer out there: I'm sorry to imply that all policeman/woman out there should deserve a pay cut. Those walking the beat and taking the crap probably should be spared from a cut. Those who messed up and f*cked up still deserve a cut in my opinion.

Even though the job you do on a daily basis deserves respect, I still do not think the police force is to be treated differently from other government sectors. Those job descriptions above were part of the deal when you first signed on.

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