Monday, June 22, 2009

Some people I hate...

There are idiots and there are major idiots. Fools I hate. People who think they are special I hate (but I secretly like Jose Mourinho). There's someone in the company I hate so much. You think I'm what? Helpdesk or Technical support?

I went to Zhuhai for work last Friday. 9am ferry there, worked through without lunch break and back on the 3pm ferry(with takeaway KFC on my lap). On my way back I got a call from one of the top dogs in my office. If he didn't call I would have made my way home or went some other places. Instead I made my way from Sheung Wan Macau Ferry Terminal back to TST. And what was it all about? An error message on his computer. He claimed that he wasn't able to connect to the network wirelessly but no such problem when I was there. And I haven't even touched a thing!

I have 2 I.T. specs in the office who can fix any nonsensical problems presented. All this guy do was ask them if I was around and called me back. Why can't he just ask them over or, even better, bring his laptop over for them to fix? I know you f*cking can't speak any English but not everyone is as inept or unprofessional as you! Show them the laptop... just show them the bloody laptop!

And of the laptop users (50-100), he is the one with the most issues! Most of the time idiotic issues which I suspect is due to his inability to use anything with a keyboard effectively.

Our bonus are linked to the sales figures. No denying that. No sales means no money. Non-sales do a good job but sales do a bad job = no bonus for everyone. Non-sales do a bad job and sales do a good job = bonus for sales. Quite a common equation so far. How about this? Non-sales do a good job and sales do a bad job = reward for sales.

My company gave out awards to sales members (and only sales members) during D&D 2 years ago. Sales members including those who just joined the company in the previous month or so. I don't know what kind of sicko mentality was behind these awards. Heard something to the extent of "rewarding them for their hard work and motivate them further". Gee... salesman who worked 4 years got the same monetary award as those that worked 4 weeks... half of those that appeared on stage have since left the company. Those watching below were truly motivated... motivated to leave this scum of a company... unless they were from sales department.

Everyday I will walk past many of those salesman. I see them busy preparing excel charts and tables. Day after day they spend countless hours doing up their report. I take a peek at their reports and they are all so generic. Beautifying reports that can be displayed onscreen using our ERP system.

2 hours a day * 10 bozos salesman = 20 man-hours/day better off sucking their client's d*ck and getting more business. But no... they can't afford to do that... they must train up their Excel skills before armageddon arrive...

F*ck you pricks!

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