Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What a big thumb you have...

Went bowling 6-days in a row for the past week. The only day we didn't go, we went to buy ourselves new bowling balls and shoes! I guess the bowling bug has really hit us... really hard~

In the end I bought the Momentum Swing from Columbia 300 last Friday. Wasn't that much cheaper than the Black Widow (approx. HKD1600) but they had stock for the weight I wanted (13lbs). Not really... I wanted a ball closer to 12.4-6lbs but they only had 13lbs. Pretty glad I got 13lbs in the end~

Saturday and Sunday wasn't that great as I was getting the feel of the ball. Still managed a 190 game here and there. Last night was great. Got a 200 and I was sparing pin 10s all night. Until the last 5 frames when I decided to fool around and test different variations, I think I only left like 4-5 frames open in 4 games throughout the night (No open frame in game 3 which got me a 200~).

Of course, intensive training comes with a price... A mighty big right thumb caused by using house balls prior to getting my own ball. What is it with giant holes? I don't see any elephants in the bowling alleys! I was at a bowling alley @ Shatin last Thursday and I see adult men playing with 11-lb balls! The size of the thumb holes on some of the 15-lb balls can fit a golf ball in them... no... 2 golf balls!

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