Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Curse words in the army~~~

The hottest topic in the Singapore blogosphere, since I've already read 2 posts on it. One from Yamizi and one from Mr Wang.

Oh I miss the days when I could just belt out a string of profanities when I get any type of **** in the army... It's a matter of self control, right? I still belt out a few curse words here and there on a daily basis but I have a good reason... If you think you are working with sh*t or whatever genital parts, its not considered a profanity to call a person that, no?

And according to Mr Wang's site, that show got an advisory for those under 16. This Mdm Wee should have known better than to bring her own 14-year-old to that show...

I would LOVE to watch that show from myself~ Even bring a few boys in for that early baptism... Why protect them from something they will face in the future? Some 14 and 16 y.o. are much better versed in the profanity language than me!

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