Thursday, July 16, 2009

Feed me shit...

You won't be able to prosecute your maid if she feed you faeces or urine as long as she boils it. See this report. Isn't it great to go home to a good meal everyday, knowing that the law is protecting you from poisonous substances?

Also, it is okay to beat up anyone into a pulp as long as you are a bodyguard. I should just get myself a few bodyguards. All I need to say is that my life has been threatened and no one will be sued, right?

And my eco-friendly, paper-saving of an employer have decided to make us fill up a form indicating which fax machine we will use and for what kind of documents. Most likely hoping to retire 1 or 2 fax machines in the process. I'm wondering if they will redirect the numbers from retired fax machines...

Everyday we get more shit admin work because some dick-shit up there want to save a bit (HKD100/day?!) of money through power-saving and reducing paper waste. All good... but better if they can reduce urgent deliveries!

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