Friday, July 31, 2009

Stupid Stupid Company in HK...

My annual leave entitlement - start from 7 days, increment of 1 day per year after the 2nd year.

Leave entitlement for other sales offices in the same group :
Singapore - 12 days
Shenzhen - 14 days
USA - Quite alot I heard
Europe - I don't even dare to think

If that's not pissing me off enough on a daily basis, just this morning I had an exercise in holding my temper in check. We had a stand-up meeting with some vendors with regards to how we can install a backup cooling system for the server room. I told this woman from our Admin & HR Dept to check with the building mgmt to see if they can let us install a pipe for water outflow. On the spot she gave me a flat no. I repeated the instruction to check with the building mgmt and again she rejected me, this time quoting how they failed to get approval for installing a wash basin in the pantry.

That woman insisted that since she couldn't get approval for the pantry's basin I will not be able to get mine. I need to pump water out, I don't need water to flow in and out. It will take a lot more work to link up with the water supply but to feed water out into the drainage is much simpler. She kept saying she understand but I doubt she could. Witnesses claimed my face was turning red with anger. I witnessed for myself that woman's face turning red and squashy. One last explanation as to why my requirements are different from the pantry reaped nothing. One final "Just go and ask the management" and thank goodness she walked away to make that call.

Less than 5 minutes later that woman returned smiling with the words, "the building management says that it can be done." Gee... you sure you cannot install that basin in the pantry? There are people you can trust and there are some whoom you just can't trust... This woman? I've informed my staff never to just take what she says...

Another thing to make me angry... on a more or less daily basis... since I've been playing bowling more or less on a daily basis... Kids running around the bowling alley, right on top of the runway. One back swing, one running kid and thats about it~ Don't these parents know anything about keeping their children in check? Sometimes I feel embarassed that I have to tell the children to get off and explain to them that having a 13-lb bowling swung into their face will make them very ugly.

I love kids. Especially last night when a bunch of kids waiting for their summer basketball lesson next door were sitting down and watching me play. Love them more when they exclaimed that my score was fantastic. Love them more more more when I took a basketball from one of them, and got a small round of applause when I spun it on my finger.

But PLEASE, don't step onto the runway! That's a sacred place for bowlers. Once on there, its only between the pins and me. So please don't take that joy away~


gweipo said...

oh I also hate the say "no" first thing in HK. And then you have to get all cross and get yourself out of control before they consider actually finding out for you or doing something about it.

Even if I have 2 kids, I also hate it when kids are out of line, annoying other people or doing stupid and dangerous things. It's easier to control with my daughter, my son tends to be easily influenced by what other kids (boys) are doing. If they're behaving, he will. If they're not, he'll join them and then I have to haul him back and remind him that if someone else jumps he doesn't have to!

gweipo said...

oh, and 7 days leave is absolutely shameful. I thought that 12 days was the statutory minimum but I've just checked the labour ordinace and it's 7! Luckily we have quite a few public holidays out here!
Do they make you work Saturdays as well?

WhiteDuskRed said...

Thank everything and everything in this wonderful world I don't have to work Saturdays! Last I counted there's around 13 public holidays on a weekday for 2009. Think I will take an extra 5-7 days of annual leave anytime... Especially in a crowded place like Kowloon, you just don't want to visit Mongkok on a P.H...

Kids are kids and its up to us adults to keep them in check. At least you try to haul your boy back. More than a few times I have to lecture the children (and even their parents!) for running around in such a dangerous area.

It's really no fun having to look around for kids. It's even more no fun to have blood on my bowling ball~ ;P

smogsblog said...

It's actually 7 after the first year. You're not legally entitled to any paid leave in the first year.

"An employee is entitled to annual leave with pay after having been
employed under a continuous contract for every 12 months."

Moreover you are only entitled to the 12 Statutory Holidays, not the 17 or so General Holidays, and in the first 3 months the company doesn't need to pay you for the Statutory Holidays either.

It's all here.

Fortunately both companies I have worked in HK for have offered much better than that.

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