Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Up up and away~

Spent Saturday bowling... and I really mean Saturday bowling~ Mr M and his wife picked us up at 10, reached Mei Foo bowling alley and had a quick breakfast before we started at around 10:45. Bowled till 14:45, clocking nearly games each. First rack of 3 games was around 150 average, mid-rack 170 and last rack around 200. Slow to warm up... something which I have to work on...

Before leaving there was this demo by Brunswick showing off their new bowling ball Siege. Quite overwhelming to bowl with a crowd behind and the best player in HK beside me. Wasn't totally impressed with the ball but it was a quick fit and I'm not really accustomed to a 14-lb ball.

After that we went to Mr M's new home in Tung Chung. Lovely place... Great breeze and quiet... 6 tennis courts, indoor/outdoor pool and a big gym... property prices for that area is cheaper than the city and the air is better but travelling to work every morning will take an extra 30 minutes... too bad I don't work in the airport~ While in his place, I couldn't help but feel a sense of urgency to get my hands to the keys to my 2 more apartments. I want to do them up and enjoy the swimming pool. Damn I can't wait!!!

Dinner was hotpot at TST. A good dinner while watching Manhunt HK. Some of those contestants got such low scores that it is embarassing... Imagine the shame of going back to work the following and getting jeers like "hey dude! 4 votes! hahaha!"

And lastly... we went back to Mei Foo for some bowling until 12+ in the morning. 12-13 games in one day did take its toil on Mr M... but the bowling bug is onto us all like how H1N1 is covering the planet. Won't.Let.Go~!!! So infected that I think I'm going to get a new ball... 2 months after getting the last ball!

Bowling Ball Chronicles - The Old Guard

1st ball (1992) - Columbia Jazz 10 lbs

2nd ball (1994) - Brunswick Groove 11+ lbs

3rd ball (1997) - Columbia White Dot 12.6 lbs

4th ball (2009) - Columbia Momentum Swing 13 lbs

Bowling Ball Chronicles Part Deux - Future Force?

Hammer Black Widow Sting; Weight: 14 lbs; Wanted a Black Widow since day 1. Sting is the latest in the series. Still top choice.

Columbia Power Swing; Weight: 14 lbs; Tried and tested brand. 1 step up from Momentum Swing, hopefully 20 up for my game.

Ebonite Evolve; Weight: 14 lbs; Always wanted to have a go at Ebonite, see what's the hype with this brand.

Storm Second Dimension; Weight: 14 lbs; Another brand with loads of hype. Never had one. Never a better time to start.

Still pondering over a Hammer Black Widow or Columbia 300's Power Swing... and HKD1790...

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