Tuesday, August 4, 2009

190 average achieved~

Had a glorious day with my new ball yesterday. Played 2 sessions (11 games) from 6:30pm to 11:30pm. With warm-up games my average was around 180. Deducting the warm-ups (1st game in each session), my average was 190. 3 games over 200. Want to hug my new Columbia Power Swing right now... How I wish I can play everyday without paying...

Unfortunately I don't own a bowling alley. According to calculations by Brunswick, it will cost approximately USD2-3mil to get one started. Considering I just spent like HKD2k on bowling over the last week, at this rate I would have spent HKD100k on bowling alone (excluding food, balls and accessories). 10-20 groups of die-hard regulars and that will be HKD2mil/year. Add in walk-ins, school kids and other group events and that should be another HKD1mil/year at least. Will take approximately 10 years to break even (depending on many factors like wages, maintenance and taxes).

It will be great... then I can play bowling whole day long... Organise bowling nights, family nights, lights-out party, Bowling-for-dummies sessions, birthday parties... based in an up-and-coming new town in Singapore~

Any bank in Singapore willing to invest with me?

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