Monday, August 3, 2009

Army Face...

Slow day at work... The 2 updated blogs I just read belongs to Ian and Gweipo.

Reservist and the heat of summer. Which inevitably brings me back to the days in Tekong... Outfield under the tropical sun with nothing more than a few trees over your head... Sometimes I do miss that feeling... It's alright if you can just go for a day trip, fire a few rounds at the range and check-out the very same day and become a civilian again. Not so fun when you are stuck in that stupid island with nothing to do for a week!

The longest time without a bath for me was something like 5d4n. Comparatively I had it better than many of my mates since I spent 2 nights on an LST while they were in the jungle. The wet, wild and muddy jungle.

Introducing the star of my outfield days. The Prickly Heat Powder. Available at most traditional herbal shops and most modern pharmacies. A couple of shakes into your underpants and you get instant gratification out in the woods~ Ahhhh~

*Off to get a bottle of Prickly Heat Powder*

Oh! And its available in Classic, Lavender, Active Herbal(???) and Anti-Bacterial flavors/versions. Get yours today!

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