Monday, August 24, 2009

Burnley burn them up good!

A few months back I wrote about how Burnley repay their fans' loyalty by giving free season tickets. And now they have won their first 2 games against 2 of last season's top 5 teams. A long wait to get back into the Premiership but it has given me hope that good things will come to those (good people/organizations) who wait. I'll probably go into depression mode for a while come the day they beat Liverpool, but if they keep up their workrate I think that is highly possible.

2 things that impressed me during their match against Everton:

1) Defence in numbers. Their workrate, like most freshly promoted teams, was outstanding. Add numbers to that, most PL teams will not be able to break them down. Of course, lady luck have a seat on their team bus given the number of penalty escapes they have had in the past week.

2) Attack in numbers. In one particular move against Everton, there were only 2 Burnley players on the tv screen rushing towards Everton's defensive third before a defender stopped the advance. Every pass from that point on was towards an onrushing Burnley player. Simply 1 or 2-touch passing brought the rest into play and by the time the ball found its way into the penalty box there were at least 6 players in Everton's third.

I think they are good for a top 8 finish this year, provided the old legs can last the distance. Liverpool vs Aston Villa tonight. I wish its a win. Hunch says a draw. Reality Liverpool are prone to lose such games. Many say A.V. is there for the taking. 20 years fan experience tells me they will lose their footing...

The pains and joys of a Liverpool fan~ *cry in a corner*

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