Saturday, August 22, 2009

Complaints about SG

As with so many Singaporeans, I have some complaints/issues about how some things are being run in Singapore. But I avoid writing them since I'm there at the longest just 10 days in any one trip. It will not be a fair assessment of the present situation. It's much easier to write about HK since I stay here 90-95% of the year. But until I finally decided to do my MSc at HKUST, it has always been the job and the money that is keeping me in HK.

Complaint 1) Scholarships in SG unis - Most scholarships are for foreigners ONLY (Mostly Asean students except Singaporeans). I don't mind the NS commitment but why don't even give us a fighting chance for those scholarships? I would have taken up that fulltime NTU/Waseda MBA if a scholarship/bursary was available~ St Gallen MBA offered me free tuition. And they are wondering how to keep postgrads in Singapore...

Complaint 2) Help for the needy - I believe that there are some single old folks out there who really need the government to lend a hand. I sincerely believe that not enough have been done for this particular group of people. I don't believe in welfare because I have heard enough of able people in HK who decide to do nothing and rely purely on welfare handouts. But then again there are those who are less fortunate and less able who really need help.

3) ... *blank*

Actually that's my only complaint at this moment... Have not been staying in SG for too long to find fault. Must say that I was really disappointed when I scrolled through the list of scholarships in March and the financial tsunami was in full swing. But things worked out fine since. I keep my job here in HK, got into HKUST, and managed to buy another property in the meantime.

List of common complaints in SG :
- Too many foreign talents
SG need the MNCs to create jobs for the local population. MNCs want their own talents running the show. And many Singaporeans don't want to clean toilets or serve in coffeeshops. So many openings in the new IR and no applicants. And complain about no jobs?

- High property prices
If you cannot afford private property, just stay in a HDB. Govt will give you a S$50k grant. Of course there are several rulings which I think need to be tweaked in order to make citizens feel that they are more treasured than PRs.

- National Service
No choice unless we want to be Kuwait II. Hopefully with more investments in better equipment, the term will be shorter. And I believe that 1st generation PRs should serve as well.

- Too many cars
Many years back the complaint was on car prices. And now that prices have dropped 40% the complaint has shifted to an abundance of cars on the road. I think its important to think before you ask for something... if you cannot afford it, just take the public transport. I know Singapore's more crowded than ever and the public transport's a pain in the a-hole. But hope you people there are happy to know that my train ride during peak hour is no joy ride either. Not to mention having a quiet and slow walk in Mongkok at 7pm...

The money we cannot touch... yet I have none because whatever I have in CPF has all been used to purchase a property. But I can understand the pain and anguish... I cannot utilise any of my MPF(CPF of HK) and I cannot withdraw them until I leave HK. Just use the money to buy a property. If this will cheer you up a bit, I'd like you to know that your friends in HK cannot do anything with their MPF until 60 while you only need to reach 55 (without the minimum sum).

On my trips to Singapore I only visit the places I want to go, do the things I want to do and eat the things I want to eat. I can afford all those things all thanks to my job here in HK and I am thankful for that. Thankful that I can earn that kind of money without having to stay in China. But like so many expats in Singapore who have their problems with Singapore (mainly freedom of speech but I'm still wondering what they want to say that cannot be said...) , I have some issues with how things are being run here in HK. Especially so since the company is not paying my taxes and I'm staying here.

Will I complain as much about Singapore and compare it with HK when I go back like in 2 years? I think so... especially so if I were to get a recall for army reservist. For now I'll continue to enjoy bowling, schooling and complain about work + environment + everything in HK...


littlecartnoodles said...

Leaving inflation aside, the CPF Board will pay you 2.5% annual interest on your money should you choose not to use it to buy property/stocks/funds, whereas your MPF money is handed over to private sector fund managers who chip away at your nest egg with fees, and since the money is invested in funds you are exposed to the market. So it's actually a blessing for most HKers that they contribute so little to MPF.

WhiteDuskRed said...

Well... I'm not sure if it is a blessing or not. But the fact that it is mandatory and must be locked up until 60 y.o. is quite disgusting to me.

2k * 12 * 30 = 720k HKD

How long can a person last with 720k HKD after adding inflation into the equation?

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