Thursday, August 27, 2009

"Hi, can I bowl with you?" *wink*

Scores for 8 games last night :
  1. 170
  2. 181
  3. 233
  4. 211

  5. 137
  6. 199
  7. 243
  8. 181

Total pinfalls : 1555
Average pinfalls : 194.4
High game : 243

If I discount that 5th game whereby I had difficulties releasing the ball due to my swollen thumb, the average would have been something like 203. A great night and I managed to catch Wu Siu Hong (probably the best bowler in HK?) in action with Shing(the pro shop guy) just a few lanes to the right of us. Played alongside him during demo day for the Siege bowling ball a few months back.

And last night I did something really... gay? When he walked past our lane he turned over and saw me, with that where-have-I-seen-this-guy-before look. You know those eye contact moments you only get in the movies? Well in response I simply gave a small wave, a light smile and a blink? I don't know... I seriously think he was checking me out... checking my ball delivery I mean...

This is getting really gay...

But I think it happens all the time in bowling alleys. I don't mean gays running around. I mean guys/gals checking each other out. Checking out the balls used, the body balance, the approach, the delivery, the release, the line of the shot... It's seriously quite common to have people standing behind your lane and scrutinizing your every throw. I don't know if others find it irritating but I'll be quite happy to have even a pair of 5-year-olds watching intently at my every throw. Would love to play with that Wu guy someday... I'm not gay...

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