Friday, August 14, 2009

Pro shop at Mei Foo

Bowling from 6pm-12am last night. Leisurely pace. The participants were members of our league team. Managed to get 7-8 games for each member. I got 7 games because I was accompanying Mr M to get his new bowling ball, a 14lb Brunswick Siege.

I must say that I'm very impressed with this fellow Shing who works at the pro shop. At around 7:30pm I asked him if he watched M's play before and he nodded and smiled. I got M to bring his old ball for Shing to have a look and one look he could tell that it was drilled like shit. The thumb hole was wrongly drilled for lefthanders! He then made some recommendations even though M himself wasn't sure how he wanted his playing style to evolve. In the end Shing gave the best suggestion of the night: "If you've been thinking of getting the Siege then its best to just take it~"

Unfortunately, after taking the finger measurements, it was time for Shing to join in his bowling league. We went back to our game, with M not expecting to get his ball on the night. After Shing finished his game @ 10+pm, he came over and told us he would start drilling the ball then. M was ecstatic. When he collected his ball 15 minutes later, Shing even taught him the correct way to release the ball.

The best thing I like about this Shing guy was the aftersales service. He came out to our lane and watch M played. He even gave advice on how to play the ball, using which board and which arrow. Not only that, he gave advice to the others(since every single one of us have already bought a ball from him!). Well... he gave advice to everyone except me. I was a bit embarassed when he commented that my ball release is really nice. (*^^;)

And the last good thing he did on the night was telling S everything I have been telling her since she got her new ball. The body, the legs, the release, the direction... everything~ I guess she finally found out bowling is not such an easy game and that there's no comfortable way to hitting strikes. And spares are even tougher! It's all about discipline and control of mind and body. Throwing every shots out consistently is not enough! You still got to adjust to the lanes since we will be playing cross-lanes for the league competition. And the oil on the lanes will dry up... blah blah blah... The list is endless!

Anyway, I'm trying to keep track of my progress so I'll be posting my scores here :
  1. 213
  2. 242
  3. 204
  4. 221
  5. 151
  6. 190
  7. 162

The league will be starting in mid-Sept. Every week, 3 members of the team will play 4 games each. I was playing seriously for my 1st 4 games last night to see how I will fare against the other bowlers already playing in the leagues and I'm looking good for an individual top 10 finish.

When can I go bowling again~~~???

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