Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Reality sets in...

I wrote yesterday that Liverpool will probably lose the match against A.V. Too bad I didn't place at least HKD100 on that happening... I would have if I wasn't rushing off to play bowling last night!

15 games over 6 lanes. Really had a hard time adjusting to 4-5 different lane conditions. First 3 games on lanes 15-16 = like shit at around 170 avg. Gms 4-5 on lanes 17-18 = shittier than shit at around 150ish. Finally managed to take over lanes 19-20 and everything seemed better...

Scores for 1st 6 games on lanes 19-20 :
  1. 185
  2. 212
  3. 211
  4. 188
  5. 221
  6. 246

Total pinfalls : 1263
Average pinfalls : 210.5
High game : 246

By the 7th game the oil condition had changed dramatically. Finished off the night with 4 games averaging between 170-180. Really got to read up more on how the various lane conditions affect the roll of the ball, especially during a competition when you need to play up to 8 games in a session.

No more bowling tonight. My thumb is swollen from all that bowling. I'll have an early night and give my thumb a day off... I'll be bowling again tomorrow night~

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