Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sick for 3...

Down and out for 3 days. Killing sore throat + a fever. Fortunately and unfortunately it wasn't H1N1. Deep inside me I wish I will get a bout of H1N1 which will not kill me but will provide me with the antibodies against stronger strains. It turned out to be nothing more than an infected throat most likely attributed to the really bad air day last Sunday... The air didn't look too good this morning but hopefully I'm past that...

Feeling great this morning. No fever. Slight discomfort in the throat but no pain. So? Head off to bowling~ 12 games w/ 4 games above 210. A pair of games below 170. Definitely no-nos if I want to get a 190 average. Probably a 185-188 average today. But I'll take it after being bed-ridden for 3 days. Felt WONDERFUL after the games.

Had a look at the league scores. If we were to join any of the leagues we will probably be sweeping the bottom of the table on a weekly basis... Team averages of 200?!?! But as Mr M puts it, no pressure on us to beat them.

Marching towards a 200 average~~~

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