Sunday, August 9, 2009

Singapore's 44th Birthday

Caught NDP 09 online @ Must say I was quite impressed by the display this year. The sets, the music and the fireworks... At the end of it all, when the credits rolled, I caught the name of the exco: BG Tan C J. Say... wasn't that the guy who was my CO in brigade like 7 years ago? He must have promoted at least twice since because I remember he was a Lt Col back then. But then again, I shouldn't be surprised since he was a full Colonel when I saw him on TV. He was the commander for the relief mission in Aceh approximately 5 years ago. And this NDP just made sure he will get promoted again in the not too distant future...

Started with a lot of humor, headed by local comedians, the parade proceeded into serious territory with the traditional colors and march past. Not to forget the display of military strength. But I loved the mass displays, especially the interlude of music from the different cultures. Malay, Chinese and followed by Indian music. And I suspect BG Tan have a love for Brit music since the music he chose have a strong flavor of the Spice girls + Gallaghar bros era.

And the fireworks... It's the punctuation in a sentence. A part of a show. Not like those fireworks display so often dished out here in HK. Really quite a good NDP showing. Hopefully I will get a chance to view it in person in the not too far future.

I read this somewhere on the blogosphere during the past few days but I've forgotten where. But this is one interesting fact about Singapore. Singapore might be the only nation in the world to fight AGAINST independence, LOST the fight and came out STRONGER. Alot of credit must go to MM Lee. I would love to hear from anyone out there who can think of anyone who could have brought Singapore from 3rd world swamp to 1st world metropolis.

Majulah Singapura~

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nomad said...

oh.... i completely forgot about national day... oooopss.

actually the only news that caught my eyes was how cheap the misss world organisers are, not wanting to pay desigers for the outfit and use secondary student design instead, thus we have this giant orchid hideous outfit that looks like some crouching purple praying mantis from away... haaaa

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