Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Stop wasting taxpayers' money!

All this drug-testing nonsense gotta stop... stop wasting taxpayers' good money on something that isn't going to work! If it is not mandatory then why bother to test? I'm sure all these youths will be smart enough to know if they have taken drugs~ Are they expecting to find a few kids who will test positive and reply something like "hey I didn't know that was heroin!"

And don't give me this nonsense about privacy and the blah-blahs. If that's the case then does that mean that the cops cannot ask me for any information should I get busted?

"Where were you at the time of the crime?"
"You're infringing on my privacy!"

Perhaps its a scheme to fill up the coffers of the organisation which is responsible for testing the drugs? "You're running out of budget? Don't worry I have a fabulous idea to get you the money from HKGov!" And we get an elaborate programme which will showcase HKGov's desire to eradicate this drug problem, handout money to this anti-drug organisation and add another factor for tax increment next year!

Well... whatever...

Still highly possible I've gotten the H1N1 over the past week but I cannot be sure... And not really sure if I want to visit a doctor again... but I'm curious to know... but... and... but... and...

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