Monday, August 3, 2009

To bowl 19 games in a day...

Spent Saturday bowling...

Woke up, washed up, packed the bowling balls and off on a taxi to Mei Foo Bowling World. Reached at around 12 and started bowling for 3 hours @ HKD168/hr. 10 games later we got another 3 games each, making it a total of 13 games by 4pm.

Went pro-shop next and decided to get the Power Swing along with a 2-ball roller bag. Got a bowling ball with 5 holes and left HKD3k there... Also got lockers so we don't have to lug the balls around in future. Decided to make MF our homeground.

Met Mr M and wife for dinner at Tsuen Wan. Walked around before we went back to MF for night bowling @ HKD170/hr, by which time Mrs M have already gotten herself a new bowling ball as well, the Brunswick Power Groove.

1st 3-games of 180-195 with the new ball. 2nd 3-games of 150 average... starting to feel the fatigue by that time since I had played 16 games and it was 11+ at night... Reached home at 1am... showered... watched some snooker on TV... knocked out...

Bowling addiction level - SERIOUS CASE

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