Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"Doc, please give me a day off!"

Because I want to go bowling!!!

Got my hands on my new 15lb Wild Fire last night. Excellent baby. 230+ on my first game. A few 190s, a lousy 160 and another 230+. Not bad for a first night out with my new favourite. Does it really make a difference to my game? I don't really see how since I've already managed a 300 with the Power Swing. But it sure makes bowling more fun!

I'm not really sure if it is due to the core design of the ball or the 15lb vs 14lb difference but pins were flying! Just one week ago my Power Swing was making pins roll all over the place. Last night the Wild Fire was sending them into an orbital flight! Wow!!! I've always thought that I will never be able to send them flying but recently I've realised that pushing it down the lane with strength is less optimal than a moderate speed (gives the ball enough time to gather energy) and a good release (forward-upward stroke to give the ball its inertia + spin while rolling down the lane).

But I have a new problem... the 14lb Power Swing is now unplayable... and the 13lb Momentum Swing is beginning to feel like a basketball... I still have confidence with the 13lb (didn't miss a spare on the left side of pin #1 last night) but the 14lb ball is really a headache... A wardrobe overhaul? Wow... that's going to be like another HKD2,000... But I can give away my balls to the ladies... Now if I were to get another 15lb for super oily conditions, what should I get? A Nanodesu, A Siege, one of the Hammer balls or one of the newest balls in the market? Oh I can't make up my mind!

When should I buy it?... I guess I will buy when someone is ready to take my 14lb ball away from me...

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I'm liking the skirt!

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