Sunday, September 6, 2009

EMax Bowling

Sights that greet me every weekend before classes... sights like this are really redeeming factors for HK. But its really these sights that give me additional reasons to get pissed off when the administration doesn't get their act together on anti-pollution measures.

After a tiring 1st day of PG school, really looking forward to bowling @ Mei Foo. Unfortunately they were having a competition that would last till closing. We grabbed our equipment from the lockers and went to Bowling City @ Emax Kowloon Bay.

The pins there drop like dominos! Pins fly from left to right and right to left without putting too much power into every shot. 225 on the first game and easily above 180 on other games. Fun to play... but is it really that fun? Back to Mei Foo again this week and we will find out.

This private function room with 4 lanes (lanes 1-4 of 48), karaoke and an area for a buffet spread is a section of the place. Fancy a private party? For HKD1988/hr for weekends you can have that area all by yourself! HKD1088/hr on weekdays (before 6pm) seem like an affordable deal to me but where am I gonna find people to bowl with me?!

And below are some random pictures I've taken recently. The ICC above Kowloon Station which is nearing completion, some plane in Elements and Optimus Prime in Century Plaza Mong Kok...

1 more question to my take-home exam (37 of 38 done...), 3 chapters of the textbook for this week's reading, an individual assignment due on Saturday, a team assignment due on Saturday as well and a case study to read before next week's lessons... Boy am I glad I didn't overload my studies with 1 more module...

And boy am I glad I came home after yum cha @ Mong kok this afternoon! It seems like there's another case of acid-attack in MK. 4 times within a year. I'd better get that acid-proof wig patented soon...

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