Monday, September 14, 2009

"Hi, I don't know you!"

I'm becoming quite a popular figure in my class... I think it has something to do with my Singapore accent... People will turn around and ask me where I'm from, or even call out my name at the foodcourt and chat with me even though I have absolutely no idea who they are.

The most common question I get will be one of the following:

1) "Did you study in America?"
2) "You are not a local, right?"
3) "Can you speak cantonese?"

I'm sure I never use the "lahs" and the "lors" during class discussions. In fact I'm quite sure I keep my English as close to school standards as possible. Do I sound like an American? I don't think so... But I'm glad they don't ask me if I'm Singaporean right from the start.

Sometimes I'm ashamed of myself for thinking like that but I can't help it since so many of my fellow citizens cannot keep their "lars" and "lors" to casual conversation among Singaporeans. It's bad English and definitely not professional. It's the equivalent of using "mate" or "dude" in a lecture or work environment.

Another typhoon on its way, Koppu. It should be closest to HK tonight, possibly a warning no.8 to be issued at 8pm? That means there won't be any No.8 tomorrow morning but there will be a very wet Tuesday... That means no bowling tonight! Worst! And that means no taxi in the morning! WORST x 20!!!

Talking about which, can we have some sort of taxi-rating system in HK? Something like the evaluation system the Chinese customs are using now. At the end of each trip one should be able to press a button to give a score between 0-10. The average score will be shown somewhere in front or on top of the taxi in an LED display panel.

The reason why I want such a system is because I have enough of meeting the wrong taxi driver! I take a HKD30+ taxi ride to work every morning and 4 out of 5 trips will be with a driver who take 5 steps on the brake to stop a car, 10 steps on the pedal to move 3 metres and turns the steering wheel left-right ever so frequently to go down a very straight road...

So if the scoring system is implemented and I were to encounter a queue of taxis I will be able to choose one with a higher score... in the meantime I will just keep a paper bag with me just in case I give in to motion sickness...

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nomad said...

ha, dont feel bad because at times, i think the same way. while i dont condone overly false or shallow critism of my fellow citizens by other people, i too agree that sometimes its quite gratifying that people doesnt assume i am singaporean immediately too, they too often ask if i had studied overseas and ask why do i not have the sg accent. i always wonder how on earth u want me to say, that i just talk like that and that i have never particularly felt i was ''different'' since my gfs from school tend to talk the same.

i think its not the lah, or wah, its just the accent which is more flat tongue.

the other day, someone commented i dont sound at all like sgporean and i dont even look like one. i was like ''yeah, i got an interntional face.'' ;p

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