Thursday, September 3, 2009

I hate Septembers...

The parade of taxis is there no more. What I see every morning is a queue of people lining up for a taxi where pre-September there would have been 5-6 taxis waiting for us! The lack of sleep isn't helping my morning mood... bowling is 1 reason why I'm not getting enough sleep on certain nights...

14 games last night with 4 games over 200 (including hi-score of 233) + 3 games over 190, and the rest evenly spread out between 170-190 ranges (except for 1 game with a 150+). Fairly happy with my games. That means I'm hitting >190 for half of my games. It will be great if I can keep up with the consistency.
Even happier with my new backswing which is approximately 1ft above my head at its highest point. Controlling on the release still need a bit of work but I'm quite sure I will be able to get it down within the next couple of weeks... and hopefully I will get a bonus this October so that I can go ahead and buy that 15lb Hammer Hot Sauce that I have my eyes on!

Another reason for my lack of dreamland, I watched Starship Troopers 3 last night... way into the night~ If the 1st movie looked weird, well they certainly managed to remain true to the franchise and kept everything as corny as behind. But at least they managed to stick to the storyline~ I love corny movies~

Just read an article on the Terrex Infantry Carrier Vehicle. It reminded me of the vehicle in Metal Gear Solid 4. I guess urban fighting is the way to go, with wheeled armored carriers becoming more popular these days. With more built-up area and roads in this part of the world, I guess wheeled carriers will get a bigger market in the future.

Moving out of the office soon... the heat is going to kill me~

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