Friday, September 4, 2009

"I'm not going for the drug tests and I'm not taking drugs!"

So what can you do about these students? I'm sure people will assume that they are taking drugs, else why would they refuse to take the tests? What happens to these students who refuse to take the tests? Protect their privacy but everyone's going to assume that they are taking drugs, no? What if EVERYONE refuses to take the tests?

I don't understand what the educators, parents, politicians, lawyers and law enforcement agencies make of this drug-testing issue but if it is on a voluntary basis its not going to solve the drug problem.

According to The Standard, the number of accidents related to drink-driving decreased by approximately 65% since random breath tests were introduced in Feb 09.

Now I really wonder what the numbers would be like if it was on a voluntary basis...


lady of the knight said...

Again, it shows the lack of brains in the government and yet another example of a huge waste of taxpayers' money. It had been intended as a way for the government to garner some public favour and be seen as to be doing something useful but instead it's gone tits up and only a very few misguided people think this voluntary drug testing scheme will amount to anything more than just a waste of time.

WhiteDuskRed said...

Waste of time waste of money. Unfortunately the only few people who still think this is a very smart idea are the ones who can give the approval vote~

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