Thursday, September 10, 2009

Perfect 300 game

That's it. I've done the hole-in-one in bowling. It's definitely harder than a hole-in-one in golf. I could feel my heart speeding up from the 8th frame onwards. No such adrenaline rush in golf.

On the 10th frame I figured I had a chance at bowling a perfect game. But somehow it felt funny the moment the ball left my fingers... See this photo below of me after the 10th throw... nervously looking at how the pins would fall...

In the end I got a bit of luck to get the tip end of a falling pin 4 knock pin 9 down. A centimetre either way and pin 4 would have missed the base of pin 9. That, for me, was the shot/pinfall of the game.

11th strike wasn't really memorable. Probably still thankful to my lucky stars that frame 10 was a strike. But on the 12th and final throw, I was trembling so much that I had to step back and put down the ball on my first approach. The fellow on the next lane told me to relax while he finished off his 2 remaining pins so I wouldn't be distracted. After his throw I managed to compose myself well enough to step onto the lane and delivered a smooth delivery. I knew it was going to hit every pin once the ball travelled halfway down the lane. I just knew.

For my effort I got this nice big animation revealing my score at the end of the game. A nice big 300. Nice~~~

It's 2am and I'm still so excited... how am I gonna sleep tonight?!


ulaca said...

Very impressive. I once bowled 202 and still dine out on the story.

Anonymous said...

That is spectacular. Well done.

I was happy with 127 last week in Causeway Bay :(

WhiteDuskRed said...

I never knew they have a bowling alley in Causeway Bay! Hopping over to Emax this weekend for another session~

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