Saturday, October 3, 2009

Back from SG~

Back from Singapore last night. 4 hours delay on Jetstar. 1 hour delay on the way back. Told myself never to take Jetstar back to SG... more than thrice... but I cannot afford to not take it... CX and SQ cost twice as much during this period.

Most memorable 2 bits of the trip. Eating and having the first complete reunion meal in I-cannot-remember number of years. In a 24-hour window I've managed to stuff my tummy with the following :

- East Coast Prawn Noodle
- Ngoh Hiang
- Durian
- Half spring chicken
- Fish soup w/ rice
- Cockles
- BBQ Sting Ray
- Satay
- Soup Tulang (1st try!)
- Sugar Cane Juice
- Fried Oyster
- Duck Porridge/Kuay Chap

I had 2-3 days' worth of food in a day. Nothing is impossible... until my tummy told me otherwise. Spent yesterday morning between bed and toilet. Glad I managed to pull through for lunch with my family because its the first time we've been able to sit down together on 1 table, we 3 siblings and mum.

Awkward as it seemed with the relationship with my brother, everyone managed to break into conversations easily and smiles all round. I wanted so much to take a family photo but decided against it. Didn't want to cause any awkwardness to any of them. I was already satisfied. I didn't have much for that lunch but my heart was full of warmth already...

Unlikely to have a repeat of such a meal anytime soon since my brother will be leaving for Syria on a 4-month posting. Who goes to Syria for work anyway?! It's such a remote and unknown destination to most of us. It's a good time to find out now.

Note to self : Uncontrolled excessive consumption of high-grade durians can lead to serious indigestion and tummy ache. Keep it to half a durian next time.

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