Sunday, October 4, 2009

Before you Game Over~

We all have only 1 life and none of us will be able to come out of it alive.

If life is an arcade game, and you only have 1 token in your pocket, how will you play your game? Suppose its a shoot-em-up genre, will you go in buttom-smashin' trying to break the hi-score or put more focus on staying in the game as long as possible?

Until not too long ago, I believe I belonged to the latter. Everything safe. Everything with minimal risk. Mostly mundane. Typical Singaporean?

And then something changed. Did bowling change me? Did the fight to go back to school change me? I really have no idea. All I know is I'm accepting new things like never before. Bought not only 1 mobile alarm clock but 2. Joined a bowling league. Relishing school life. I mean, my brother who's hardly ventured abroad will be working in Syria for 4 months! Now that's an adventure! (albeit I don't know much about Syria but I still think its mighty brave of him to go!)

I have some good luck this year. The local branch President who came in last year have significantly changed his attitude towards me. I have no idea as to why the shift but it's never a bad thing. At least it makes my mandatory 8-hour easier to get by.

I'm also glad M invited us to bowling one Saturday morning in May (which we would have wasted on sleep) and re-introduced me to the world of bowling. Somehow I feel alive again with bowling in my life. And I'm glad we found Mei Foo Bowling world. I get to meet alot of new people from the bowling alley.

Even though I've known M and his wife since 2005, and started golfing with them since last year, it wasn't until we started bowling that we've gotten to be such good friends outside work. And I'm thankful that they are such a great couple. And last night their son sent me home even though he wasn't even bowling with us.

Unfortunately I also feel that I'm losing touch with my friends in Singapore. I guess its unavoidable since everyone's busy with his/her own life and I'm always back for only a 48-hour window (24-hour this time around!). I guess I will have to come up with some time on my next trip back...

So what's next? I don't think I can afford to add another target since my schedule's fairly packed somewhat with school, bowling and work. Not to mention taking good care of my 2 little clocks. But if I have the energy and the opportunity arises, I would like to be a bowling instructor. Not in for the money but I always feel that I have knowledge and skills that will be useful for the next generation. Also, I always believe that having a sport will keep the youths out of trouble.

So with my last token in the game, I'll be going in with all guns blazing and still try to reach the last boss with minimal smoke on my spaceship~

Now excuse me as I clear the poo of the alarm clocks...

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