Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I'm back~

Yesh... barely alive... preparation for 2 exams last Saturday nearly took my life away. I cannot remember the last time I've sat for 2 papers on the same day. For one of the papers (3 hours) we were supposed to prepare for questions from 7 case studies. How in my forgetful mind can I remember anything from 7 cases?!?!

The 2nd paper was open-book, full of calculations and to be completed in 2 hours. Open book I did, digging into the pages for solutions to the questions. "This formula, no... that?... no.... HELP!!!" I did submit the paper in 1hr 59mins. A close 2nd to submit. The professor extended the deadline to 2pm+? I have no idea... My body and mind were long outside the exam hall by that time~ Incredibly happy just to finish the exams. 6 more Saturdays like that and I should regain my bumming-around-Saturdays...

Went to M's new place in Tung Chung. Love the length of the living room. Wish I have that type of living room for my alarm clocks. Tung Chung is a bit far and they don't allow dogs in the premises. I don't understand HK... Most parks don't allow dogs. Many of the high-end apartments don't allow pets. My estate allow dogs but don't allow them to run around on the podium floor. Is this place stupid or what? Oh... wait...

Love Tung Chung. Loved the cool air. Much cooler than Kowloon. I really cannot figure how the weather can be so different. I'm sweating like a dog on my 30+ storey apartment and yet I was feeling kind of cold while having seafood dinner at this great place in Tung Chung.

Anyway got M a PS3 Slim for his new place. I hope he likes it. He was asking me about places to get new games and all while driving to Mei Foo bowling last night. Apparently after we left on Sunday night he started playing Winning Eleven 2008 (I gave him since I will never play it again... 2010's coming out next week) and got 2 players sent off! Hah! And he's like a kid, eager to get something new to play. I guess living in Tung Chung he will not have to visit the city... its really a self-sufficient place with shopping, food and entertainment.

Yes... Mei Foo Bowling last night. Food and Bowling @ HKD198/person for 5 hours. We played 16 games each and now my right bicep is like Popeye. Got a game with 9 straight strikes before I blew it. Ended up with 279 again... sighz... My 2nd perfect game will come... someday...

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