Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Old home New home

I spent my early years living in this walk-up apartment. Apartments these days don't really look like this... Hated the flight of stairs leading up to the unit on the 2nd floor.

Looked much cleaner when I stayed there some 20+ years ago. But still pretty much shanty town.

Typical size of a room in the apartment. Segregated into many small cubicles and each family will occupy a unit like this and share the kitchen and toilets.

The view from our room back then. Nothing much changed. Even the house across the road is still the same...

A development for the British soldiers in the 50s. My uncle is holding on to a unit and hoping for an en-bloc sales.

I've come a long way since that walk-up apartment in the 80s. Looking forward to the completion of my new place...

The sheltered pool should be somewhere right there in the middle of the picture.


Joyce Lau said...

I love this post.
We're always reading about "Asia's rise" and "Asian development" in serious newspaper articles, but this is a great personal, relate-able view of what it actually means to come up in the world.
There's a reason Asians are obsessed with real estate. I think it's a symbol of how far we've come.
For example, neither one of my parents had flushing toilets growing up. Now look at Hong Kong.

WhiteDuskRed said...

Thanks for the comment~ real estate aside, Asians still have a lot to catch up with the West in terms of quality of living.

Look at how HK and SG parents are slogging themselves stupid for the sack of their children. Everyone should relax and let the kids enjoy a bit of their childhood...

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