Thursday, November 19, 2009


My best 4-game series in the league so far: 237, 224, 212, 239 for 228 average. I have a good chance of winning a few hundred dollars for highest 4-game series(HKD500), most improved player(HKD300) and highest game(HKD300). Prior to that 4 games I had 215, 205, 196 and 195 for my warm-up games.

Why I'm better at league? Usually I'm better during warm-up and play like pee during the actual league play. I guess it is probably because of the competition. If my opponent is poor then I will have to look at my teammates for some inspiration. If everyone plays like pee then I play like pee.

And to think I played with an injured thumb... Its amazing how such an injury managed to improve my game. There's this gweilo who partipates in the Sunday night league who have this oh-so-relaxed swing and release. I have been studying his stance for a long time and with my half-disabled thumb I had no choice but to implement what I've learnt so far.

The results have been encouraging~ I had a few streaks of half-dozen strikes in a row last night, made light work of pin #10 and my thumb didn't feel as much pain as my usual release~

The only downside will be having a >200 average to begin with from next week onwards. The league is formatted in such a way that you will deduct your average from your game score and compare with your corresponding opponent. That means anything less that 200 on my next games will mean a negative score for me...

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