Friday, November 20, 2009

FIFA, give Ireland another chance! *updated w/ video*

The linesman missed the offside. All the officials on the field missed the blatant handball. Henry is a cheat. So what next? France will go to the next World Cup and the Irish will not see an increase in TV sales. Well... in fact, they might see an increase after that match. Alot of good televisions would have been dismantled by infuriated supporters. They and the punters who placed big money on an Irish win.

How about a replay? It will serve as a bad precendent for future matches and there will be critics. So what? That's robbery. What Henry did was like a murderer committing his crime in broad daylight but was unnoticed. And video evidence cannot be used to charge him. I'm sure the Irish would have felt this way.

But then again I don't think that FIFA will have the balls to do anything about this match. It's just a soccer match... It's amazing how technology has advanced and yet no one has done anything to prevent this type of injustice from surfacing...

Update :
1) Henry's perfect control @ 0:38.
2) Offside which blocked off a defender @ 0:27.


hksarblog said...

Like you, I feel the Irish were robbed of a chance to take the match to penalties. I didn’t see an offside, but it was definitely handball (twice) by Henry.

Bit too much to compare the cheating to murder; no one died! Would be better to compare it to shoplifting or robbery (as you initially said), with the incomprehensible fact that the evidence is inadmissible.

WhiteDuskRed said...

Yes, robbery will be more appropirate in this instance. But once I started typing, I couldn't stop~

I'm neither an Irish fan nor a French-hater but the injustice was too much to bear~

MING said...

This is just like doing a Maradona!!

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