Friday, November 6, 2009

"Smoke gets in your.... EYES~~~~~~"

Start a smoking ban. Let non-smokers eat, drink and shop in a non-smoking environment. Force the smokers to smoke together. Smokers cannot take the smoke and give up smoking. So far so good...

Unfortunately they congregate in front of buildings, right in front of the entrances. I'm not sure about you people out there but I notice that the number of smokers standing right in front of my office building is increasing. Is it because of the weather? Or it's just the increase of Chinese tourists? Whatever the case its a terrible trend and I'm pretty sure it will only get worse from here on...

Got an A for one of my 2 papers. Let's see if I can make it 2 out of 2... Spent hours of sleeping time cramming my head with the studying. Body still trying to recover from the loss of sleep 2 weeks on... I guess I cannot use the study technique/scheduling which have served me well all these years... Must really take care of my own body... Anyway, 1 full day of classes tomorrow~

So looking forward to the qualification round of the bowling tournament which will begin this weekend. Let's hope I can make it 6 good games in one outing to secure a place in the finals... *fingers crossed*

If I really find a buyer for my apartment and a rental place in my dream estate, I should be moving out of the city within the next 2 months. And one important reason for moving will be for the puppies. Kind of pains me to see them playing catching, chasing each other between whatever space I have in the bedroom and the limited estate in my living room not occupied by sofa/hifi/tv/cabinet... Apartment-hunting starts this Sunday!

Really full of activities recently. All that means no time for me to lie down and relax...

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