Wednesday, December 9, 2009

How to survive on HK roads - Part 1

Was driving to work this morning when we saw this Benz driving at 60km/h in an 80km/h tunnel. Even though I was and I like the right lane, I'm no speed devil and this kind of sight is just uncommon here in HK. Towards the end of the tunnel, when we could see the sunlight, the car started speeding up to 80km/h. I thought to myself, "Hmm... What a careful driver... Slowing down in the tunnel on a wet day..." But his driving was already erratic in the tunnel, with small sudden shifts left and right although he didn't cross any lines.

After 200m the car changed lane from right to middle. As I tried to speed through the opening (speed devil I'm not but I was late for work...) I noticed him changing lane to the left again... or maybe not... or... he's back in the middle lane again.

Thinking that this might be a fellow who just had a dozen cans of beer for breakfast, I sped on. On passing him we realised his eyes were half-closed!!!

Now that I'm typing this, I'm thankful that I was not on its left when we drove past. Otherwise we would have been knocked into a road divider somewhere along that stretch...

Lesson :

-- Eyes behind, as well as on the side of the head.

-- Fast on the brake as well as the accelerator.

-- Pray hard before you start off.

Drive safely~

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"Just Me" said...

the same reason why i stop driving in HK:)

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