Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dog farms... Dog meat...

Started my mini-investigation into why people love dog meat. Asked a colleague of mine who ever had dog meat over hotpot (no dog meat in there!) what dog meat tasted like. Mutton. Mutton with a nice aroma. Gee... I love mutton and if mutton have a nicer air around it I will adore it more! And the man was like wearing a t-shirt and a wind-breaker last night! I guess dog meat is really good for warmth?

Went online and typed in the words "dog, farm, meat". Got this website regarding Dog Farms in Korea. And 2 x reports by Animal Rights Korea regarding 1) Korea's Dog Meat situation in pdf here and 2)China's Dog Meat Trade in pdf here. Warning: Not for Dog Lovers!

Taken from ARK's report : "In 2000, around 100,000 tons – equivalent
to several million animals – was consumed by China’s 1.3 billion population."

The storekeeper that sold me the pups told me that he would gladly take back my boy for twice or even triple the price when he grows up. He said that there are many people in China who loves male adult poodles. I didn't know why... I'll be hugging my pups to bed tonight...

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