Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Teaching creativity... and Chinese

Heard many complaints about the education system in HK and SG. Too much rote learning. Too many projects. Too little creativity. Try ゆとり教育 and we get creative kids who survive on their creativity and don't intend to work. Hmm...

There isn't a one-size-fits-all educational system. The ones in HK and SG are designed to cater to the majority of the population. Anyway how many geniuses do we have in a classroom anyway? Most of us are slaves to one corporation or another after graduation. And real geniuses will get through whatever schooling system they are put into anyway...

And then there's the question of Chinese language as a compulsory subject. Yes I must agree there are mathematical geniuses who may flop in Chinese but I think there's the NUS High School of Math and Science which will accept them. There's also the School of Sports and School of the Arts in Singapore. Kids hate Chinese language because it is tough. One can easily get away with a poorly constructed English sentence. Try a few poorly written Chinese words in a sentence!

But it leaves the question of what if the kid is lousy in 2nd language and an average performer in math and science... basically the kid just have to work harder... unless the parents can afford to send him/her to the States. Many parents say their kids perform better after escaping from HK/SG. Basically it was because Chinese language was too stressful for their kids, causing them to hate school and
end up not enjoying school life.

No shortcuts. Just got to work hard and get through it. Enjoy fruits of one's labor later in life.

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