Monday, January 18, 2010

A weekend of events...

Alot of interesting events over the weekend, most important to me would have been S's birthday, most important to the people of HK would have been the happenings in LegCo, and most important to the road safety of HK would have been a man peeing along the road leading to the Tsing Ma Bridge... Let's take this post in a chronological manner...

Had dinner at Olea @ Novotel Citygate. Great price good food. Tapas, pizza, soup, lamb cutlets... We had to finish the pizza at the expense of dessert, it was that good! And we get HKD30 off for each set dinner we ordered for simply being nearby residents.

Had dim sum with J at Lei Garden, Shatin. Great food decent price. After which we went for our Saturday afternoon bowling session~ Played 8 games, didn't break my thumb. Not too happy with my scores but I'd better not hasten my progress least I hurt my thumb again.

After the games, drove all the way to Happy Valley for dinner at Amigo Restaurant. 43 years and still going strong. Highly recommended place. Do make a reservation before you go. Nearly HKD1,000/person and there wasn't an empty table. Great live music, good food. Fantastic if you have a reason to celebrate and you tell them about it when you make your reservations~

On the way back we managed to catch sight of the protest/siege outside LegCo. Just alot of lights and people. Everyone knew right from the beginning that the funding (HKD66.9bn) will be passed. 66.9bn = 66,900 million = 66.9 million x HKD1k.

Of HK's approximately 4.2mil or so working population, the money will be gone if the Gov gives everyone HKD1k/month for 16 months. Will it not have the same economic effect if everyone spends that HKD1k? I don't know. But I'm quite sure that no one can confirm that the costs of the new line will not exceed HKD66.9bn.

A: "Hey we're 70% done but we've already run out of money!"

B: "Just finish the bloody line before 2047!"

A: "But it will take another HKD500bn!"

B: "Who cares~ We'll just pepper-spray them into oblivion!"

Anyway, had a bit too much to drink during dinner and it was a long drive home... So if you were in one of the 4 cars going towards Tsing Ma Bridge from Nam Wan Tunnel and you spotted a man peeing by the road shoulder, that wasn't me...

Just read this article about a woman who hacked a smoker because he gave her baby a cough with his cigarette smoke. Though I cannot condone her actions, I must say the guy deserved it. As an adult, the fellow should have had a bit of self-respect to just wait until he left the place or just step out of the unit to have a puff. I don't mind smokers as long as they keep the smoke to themselves.

One final question : What will happen to me if I knock down a traffic policeman who failed to signal before cutting into my lane? Saw one this morning. Ain't a good role model for motorcyclists in HK. They are just as bad as the taxi drivers who cut into my lane BEFORE signalling... Oh well...

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