Friday, February 26, 2010

No Bridge in South Africa

Wayne Bridge have decided against going to the WC. Well... if he cannot stand being near JT for the Egypt match then it's unlikely he'll be able to endure a possible 6 weeks with JT in the same locker room.

Here's my favourite comment of the day.
"...Bridge should join the England team and show up with Terry`s wife on his arm, and in his hotel that would be some fair play..." www.Rooney @ Soccernet

It's been Wet Wet Wet here in HK... I feel it in my fingers and I feel it in my toes... Even the lift lobby is beginning to look like a wet market in the morning! This morning I drove through a fog, real eerie... always wondering if King Kong or a Hobbit will suddenly emerge...

Will someone send me to Japan for a hotspring holiday now? Say something like "I don't want to see your filthy face around here for the next 2 weeks! Here's HKD50k, go Hokkaido or someplace in Japan, enjoy good food and take a good bath before you come and see me again!"

It's definitely too early to dream...

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