Sunday, February 14, 2010

Oh Brother~

The best things about this trip back to Singapore:

1) Finally stepping into my 2 new apartments. Love the swimming pool as well. Renovation quotations should be coming in this week. Everyone should be moving in and having a good time at the new place.

2) The regular appearance of my brother. Him at the reunion dinner... when was the last time? More than 10 years ago? It's been so long that I've forgotten... or rather given up hope... Hopefully this will be lasting and not a mirage...

And today everyone visited my new apartment and my brother was part of the entourage. It's really a remarkable event. We are like a complete family again. It's amazing how life is so full of surprises... or was it the power of that charm water my mum made us few siblings drink back in November? Whatever the case I'll be willing to drink it again...

Reunion dinner at Palm Beach One Fullerton. Managed to catch fireworks display which was really right in front of our eyes! Dangerously close... Visiting today and tomorrow and maybe the day after? Then most likely will make a trip down to Sentosa and have a look at the Resorts World Casino.

I guess 1 more year in HK is enough~

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