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Singapore Holiday - as summarized as possible...

I'll try to keep this post short. With so many activities and food in 7 days, I'll try as hard as possible. So... let's go~

Day 1 - 15th Feb Monday
First stop was my aunt's place near Orchard Road. The annual climb up to the top floor of a 5-storey apartment across MM Lee's residence. No lift here. Been like that since I know the place. Been like that since forever. Unfortunately the old folks living there aren't that young anymore. I can understand my aunt's frustration when her husband refuses to move out.

Owen the Maltese is still there. As usual happy to see us. Poor little fellow was confined to the room because my mum is terrified of dogs. Dogs big or small... although she claims that she is more OK with big dogs. We'll see about that when I bring a Golden Retriever home someday...

Next up was God-ma's house in Holland. Big landed property. Lovely place to have a few dogs. But big house also mean stairs (unless you have one with your own lift), and I do have a few old folks in my household. A few words here a few drinks there and a few exchange of ang baos later we were rushing back home to welcome guests.

2 guests and a big serving of deep-fried ngoh hiang later we send our guests to the nearest MRT station before making our way to the nearby prata joint for our dinner. The usual stuffs like prata, mutton tulang soup, mee goreng and teh tarik. And that's all for day one.

Oh yeah... nearly forgot. Watched Red Cliff 2 late into the night... This is going to be a long post...

Day 2 - 16th Feb Tuesday
Woke up early to play street soccer with D and his Korean classmate. Bad idea to have the half-court rule when its me against the 2 of them. Half-court rule means that one can only score after passing the midway line. Choosing to play at 11am was another dumb decision. Making my way across the line, shoot and rushing back to defend the goal for 10 minutes knocked the wind out of me. A short struggle to the nearest shade for a 10-minute rest and I was back. This time we abolished the half-court rule and I was shooting from my goalmouth. I can't run but I sure packed some venom into those shots.

Less than 1 hour later I proposed we move our little gathering to the nearest Mac for 1) breakfast and 2) cool air. Ice cold Coke with breakfast? YESH! Bought breakfast home and await the visitors.

Visitors visitors and more visitors. I joined the kids in paper-plane making competition and got myself a few fans. Taught them how to build something similar to mine and one of them grabbed it, turned it into a ball and threw it further than anyone of us. Now that's improvisation... Dinner at home and the end of the day.

Day 3 - 17th Feb Wednesday
Met up with 2 friends in the morning at Eminent Plaza. Got myself a bowl of fishball meepok. Showed them the new place before making our way to airport to fetch M. Reached at around 2 even though his plane was scheduled for 2:40pm. In the end the plane arrived early and he was out by 2:35pm. Drove him to Ritz Carlton before we made our way to Arab Street District.

Been nearly 10 years? I can't remember the last time I made my way inside the Sultan mosque but some things never change. Most of the shops in the area were the same although a few modern designer shops and eateries have sprung out. But the structure of the buildings remained largely intact and I'm thankful that the government have strict rules on redevelopment of protected buildings.

Brought M to my new place for a look, then to the HDB for another look before we made our way to House of Seafood along YCK. Chilli Crab, Pepper Crab, Salted Egg Crab, Cereal Prawn.... I was turning into a crab myself. After dinner we sent M back to Marina Bay area and we had a walk along the River Angbao on the Marina floating platform before making our way home. To find D struggling with homework... Primary 6, PSLE year, high expectations from everyone including me...

And it's only Day 3... 1st day of M's 5D4N trip in Singapore and my tummy was already working overtime...

Day 4 - 18th Feb Thursday
2nd day of the Ms trip in Singapore, we decided to bring them to Little India first thing in the morning. My most thorough walk of the district yet! Even brought them into an Indian temple. Had thosai and naan at Komala's before we left for East Coast prawn noodle.

Reached East Coast, prawn noodle shop closed for the CNY holidays until Friday! SHOCKED! Drove to Mt Faber for a look and see if we had any luck with food. Great view but no luck so we made our way down to Dempsey Hills for lunch at Jones the Grocer.

After that we went to the Botanical Gardens for a walk. Dogs are allowed as you keep them on a leash. Certain dogs must be muzzled. Paid $5 and entered the Orchid Garden. I never knew there can be tens of thousands of Orchids. Great colors wasted on a color-blind like me... Off to Night Safari after that. A pity we didn't have the time to do the Day Zoo but its a good reason for the Ms to visit again.

After we finish the Night Safari, someone suggested getting supper. And we went back to Eminent Plaza. Turtle soup, rojak, mixed pork soup and the famous wanton noodle could be found on our table. And then we sent them home before we made our way home. Only to find D still strugling with his homework... oh well... a rewarding trip to Sentosa coming up...

Day 5 - 19th Feb Friday
Meet the renovator first thing in the morning to go through his designs and quotations. Nearly SGD60k for 2 units. That's like HKD330k. Not inclusive of curtains, lights, electrical products and non-builtin furnitures. Wow... Alot of modifications and changes.

Then off to IKEA and Courts Tampines for a look-see of some furnitures. Decided on Sealy mattresses for the whole family. SGD2k for one mattress. Altogether 5 mattresses... The salesman gave us an additional 10% discount due to the quantity. Luckily my uncle stepped forward to foot the bill. THANK YOU! Saved us at least SGD10k there! More or less decided on the model of the fridge (latest model from Mitsubishi) and washing machine.

Dropped off the folks at Tampines before making our way to Ritz Carlton to fetch the Ms. They made their way to the Flyer so we went there to fetch there. They complained of how some Mainland Chinese kid was getting on their nerves throughout the ride. The father wasn't half strict in disciplining his kid. I guess we will get more of such pricks with the one-child policy...

Made our way to Lau Pa Sat for lunch where I treated myself to Kuay Chap. Other dishes on the table were Fried Kuay Teow, Ice Kachang and I cannot remember... Then off to Sentosa! Driving into Sentosa the first thing to greeted us was Shrek's Castle of Universal Studios Singapore. Then the rides and the hotels of the Resort World Singapore. Well we weren't staying there. The Ms stayed at the Rasa Sentosa while we went back to Siloso Beach resort.

The Ms made their way to Underwater World while I went to fetch D at the Harbourfront Station. Once the full party was assembled we went for 1) Megazip, a 450m rope ride from Imbiah Hill to the beach from 72m above sea level. 2) Luge and 3) Segway ride. Also had a look at the Wavehouse, a man-made wave machine for surfers. After all that fun we drove out to Vivocity for dinner at Marche before going back to our hotel to rest for the night.

In the end we didn't step into Resorts World... maybe next time... too many things to do and too little time.

Day 6 - 20th Feb Saturday
Checked out of Sentosa, lunch at the famous Beach Road prawn noodle @ East Coast. Beach Road, East Coast Road... oh well... Sent the Ms to Ritz Carlton for their checkin and gave their directions on making their way to Orchard Road while we met the interior designers. One in Joo Chiat one in AMK. Paid the deposit to the one in AMK and the 3D drawings should be ready by Wednesday. Can't WAIT!

Back to Ritz Carlton, parked the car and walked over to Suntec for our Duck Tour ride. It's an amphibious ride on board one of those revamped war-time landing craft. The ride brought us one round in the Marina Bay area lasting around 1 hour. A bit overrated and expensive. But it's a tourist thing so...

After that it was dinner at East Coast Park Food centre. Cockles, Fried Hokkien noodles, BBQ chicken wings, satay, sugar cane juice... and then to Geylang for durians. Sent the Ms back to their hotel, returned the car and then back to end our last night in SG. A380 back to HK early the next morning.

Now back in HK. Sore throat. Feeling unwell. sighz...

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