Saturday, February 6, 2010

Today in class : Project Management + Other updates

Should have a primary customer or sponsor

In my work, the primary customer will be the sales department, since we function as a sales office + logistics hub for the Southern China region. They want delivery we deliver. Their customers want certain reports for customs clearance we generate reports. Of course, apart from dealing with customers' requests, we also must handle daily infrastratural and service issues.

Routine jobs are in abundance. Projects are minimal. Interesting stuff are few and far between. I have virtually no part in the present project to build a new website for China since they outsource the whole project. Not that I'm really interested in the project...

It's a messy project with unidentifiable stakeholders, unclear scope and unmanageable. In my best interest to stay out of it. So far its really a website with links and more links to pages on the corporate website. The only thing it adds is an online forum for customer enquiries. Talk about a company with no direction...

I need some challenges in my work. Everything's too routine. I heard that HQ is planning for big things in China in 2010 and I wonder if I'm part of their plans. I also need a management that realizes that we need a budget to plan and make things happen. We're never part of their meetings when they talk of expansions (or cuts). But we're more or less expected to miraculously make things happen when they suddenly expand.

And 5 years into my job, I'm finally being tasked with the job to write a job description and requirements each staff in my team. Wow... talk about an improvement...

* * *

Bought a new bowling ball on Thursday. The Pure Swing from Columbia 300. Excellent swerve at the last moment. Precisely what I was looking for... well... exceeded my expectations.

* * *

Went for massage at Temple Street last night. Had one of the best claypot dinners in my life + some really nice fried oyster (duck) egg. HKD150 for a party of 4. A short walk thru the night market. Then a 1-hr massage which left me with a really red back. Hope it solves my stiff neck problem...

* * *

And JT is no longer England captain. No surprise there with Capello at the helm. Really impressed with how the top man handled the issue. No fuss just guns. England finally has a real national manager.

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