Monday, March 22, 2010

Ahh~~~ Blue Skies~~~

In a day where my blog list and Facebook have been filled with posts about the air pollution in HK, I would like to share something a little different~

No point shouting at government agencies, monopolies or mother nature. The majority of the population in HK will suffer (definitely not quietly) until the day they die. I sincerely believe that HK is beyond repair. Really.

Sandstorm from Beijing or not, HK is in deep shit. If the record-breaking pollution is due to the sandstorm in Beijing then it will only get worse because deforestation will continue without any Beijing Olympics in sight. If the pollution is NOT a result of the sandstorm, then HK is even more f-ed. That means whoever told us all these nonsense about the sandstorm blowing at us have no idea what he/she is talking about. You don't know the cause you don't know the cure~

Sidetrack a bit here. Last Saturday I heard a French classmate speak Cantonese. Really good Cantonese for a French! I was pretty amazed... After some chit-chatting, he asked me why I am still in HK. Of course I had a more important reason for coming to HK in the first place, but the reason why I'm still here is easy. It's for the $$$. Stay forever? No way~

In another class, another classmate asked me about the rental rates in Singapore. I asked her why she's looking for a place in Singapore. She said that she wanted to leave HK and had already applied for a post in her company's SG branch. No expat allowances/accomms/nothing.

Then she asked me if there is anything fun to do in Singapore. Before I could answer her, another classmate of mine J, who had stayed in Singapore for a few weeks, shot out a list of things to do. Some of those places were so new I was quite ashamed to say I've never been to quite a few.

The conversation slowly changed to working in Singapore and the living conditions. -Many thought Singapore tax rates are at least 50% higher than HK. Wrong. -Many thought Singapore have police standing at every corner waiting to handcuff you the moment one drop of your saliva drops on public ground. Wrong. -Many thought Singapore apartments cost as much as HK. Well... the rentals and selling prices are definitely sky-rocketing but at the present I'd still say its cheaper in Singapore because you usually get the rights to use a parking lot with your apartment and the prices quoted are actual flat area.

So alot of people have some been fooled (by who?). I'm hoping they stay that way. Too many people are giving up on HK and moving to SG... Let's keep the population down, shall we? Be a tourist, not a resident~


aj said...

wow.. very nice.
those pics made me realize if they're better to singapore in terms on infrastructure, hmmmm

Joyce Lau said...

Hi WhiteDustRed -- Thanks for posting the lovely photos.

Though I have to disagree on one point. If we DON'T shout at the government and at big business -- then it will just get worse.

And, as I'm sure you know, pollution travels. They've tracked Chinese pollution are far away as California. So whether you live in HK, move to Singapore or go anywhere, it's still your problem.

Nothing is beyond repair. Pollution comes from machines that were made by man, and can be controlled by man. It is within our power to limit industry, take public transport, etc, etc. It's just that people (particularly governments) are too greedy and lazy to do so.

It all makes me very sad.

MING said...

More ppl comming to sg... sporeans all dying to get out.. oh well.. let them come and we will sink!!!

On the other hand.. must have too many Michael Fays around spreading the news that SG is a place where the law's really on top of things.. muwahaha...

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