Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Can we do something about the pollution?

Firstly, I would like to tell Joyce that I know how far pollution can travel. Hey~ an earthquake in South America (my geography's correct, right?) can bring tsunamis to East Asia so it's definitely possible to say that dust and particles can fly over the Pacific. But the question is, who is in a position to rectify the deforestation? The HKGov can do absolutely nothing about this and I don't think any non-elected leaders of the SARs will dare make a fuss about some sandstorm to the people in Beijing.

And we all should know that the sandstorm only highlighted a pollution issue that has been terrorizing the population for too long. Most experts that are not paid by the government will tell you that most of the pollutants are produced locally by industries and vehicles. Unfortunately the government cannot do anything about them since economic growth, and not citizen welfare, is the top priority for the present system.

Singapore has its own pollution problem. It's the annual haze, a result of the slash-and-burn cultivation practices in Indonesia. You can read more about the actions taken here : It's not perfect but I think the condition of the haze have improved over the past few years.

I think even if the HK people can work together without the government's intervention, they cannot change what's happening up north. And in my humble opinion the government up north doesn't really care about HK. Singapore had no internal pollution issues but it found a way with other Asean countries (a weak organization I must add) to fight this haze issue.

So what can HK do about its pollution problems? If they don't do anything to the problem, what's going to happen to my dear puppies?!

Cookie - angry with the pollution...

Coffee - confused... as usual...

Coffee has a red eye, most probably due to the pollutants in the air. And I'm already staying in one of the least polluted areas in HK according to the statistics over the past few days.


Joyce Lau said...

Hello White Dusk Red --
Sorry. I didn't mean to imply that you were ignorant about pollution, which you obviously are not.
I just get frustrated when people (not you, specifically) say that this can't be done, and that can't be done.

I think Hong Kong leaders CAN do something about this. They just won't unless they're pushed.

You're right that they are too cowardly to make a peep at Beijing. Plus. they aren't elected (and therefore responsible to the public) anyway.

If the Hong Kong or Chinese government WANTED to make citizen welfare a priority along with economic growth, it could. It just won't.

But it could find a better better balance.

I didn't know that about Singapore pollution and the burning forests. Thanks for that. I learned something today.

BTW -- look at puppy's eyes! My kitty had runny eyes for a long time, but it was because he had "cat flu." Poor Coffee.

You have the most adorable dogs. :)

WhiteDuskRed said...

Hi Joyce,

I know you didn't imply that. But I didn't want my other readers to think that! :p

Anyway, nothing is in our hands. Government is not elected. ChiGov doesn't care. The only hope for HK's future is God's intervention. We can only hope...

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