Monday, March 15, 2010

Great day in school~ but the fog the fog...

Had a fantastic Saturday. Got A grades for my case analysis for PM and E-commerce. And our team presentation went pretty well. A few classmates even came up to us to congratulate us on a well presented case. Really nothing to complain about school... other than the work load :p

Played tennis yesterday with the M family. Not aching as badly as the badminton challenge a week ago. Then had a great homecooked meal of seafood risotto, clam chowder and lychee soda. Probably cost 1/5 of an equivalent restaurant meal but of equal quality~ ;)

Some stupid fire alarm went off last night at around 4:30am. No one switched it off until the fireman arrived. So I slept at 12+, woke up for about half an hour at 4:30 and woke up at 7am. I really need to get 7 full hours of sleep... Not that I am lacking sleep... I feel surprisingly fresh since moving out of the city~

Due to the longer commute time, I have to wake up 30 minutes early as compared to 6 months ago. And I sleep about the same time as 6 months ago. I cannot pinpoint a particular area where things have changed...

Perhaps its precisely because we've moved out of the city, we are surrounded by trees and mountains instead of being squashed by the crazy Mong Kok crowds? We have a car so we don't have the marshmallow fight in the MTR? We have a bigger space so we don't have to stress ourself out trying to accommodate the pups comfortably?

Possibilities aplenty... but this wet weather must go! It's been wet wet wet here in HK. While I hear many of my friends complain about the hot weather in Singapore, here in HK we've been attacked by bouts of hot-cold weather. The 98-99% humidity has already destroyed some clothes and bags. I wonder if this is what global warming is about...

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