Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Increment increment increment~

It's that time of the year again~ After a disastrous 2009 in which no one in my company gotten an increment (not that I know of), the time for 2010 so show its true colors is here... A HKD1,000 increment is better than no increment~ Even if I don't have any increment, I'm hoping that everyone in my team will be getting something satisfactory to them. I know that many will not be satisfied no matter how much you give them... That's human nature, right? Or maybe that's just the mentality in developed world... People in many parts of the world will be happy just to keep their job~

This will be a part-complaint-part-closure post for me. I have been living with this salary which I deem to be unworthy of me for the past few years. Although I don't get to hear what they say about why I'm getting what I'm getting, it's most likely because of 1) the stingy nature of this company and 2) my age.

1) Any company will try to pay the least and get the best. Cheap and good. 便宜又正点。And I have nothing against that. If I'm a shareholder I will be pissed off if they don't do that! However to pay rubbish money for rubbish staff from HQ... that's something I cannot understand... Yes send someone. But send someone that can work! Someone that speaks English! HKD30,000 for their apartment? You might as well employ another local A.M.~

2) Age has been working against me. And I believe that even if I compared qualifications, post and job scope against others in the same industry, I will probably get a lower salary. Why? Because I'll probably be younger than most. although my experience will probably be more or less the same (5 years and above in a managerial position). They will use that against me everytime they talk about an increment or a bonus.

Once again I can understand the issue of budget and the works. But shouldn't those dimwits work my bonus into the budget? If you are always going to give me less benefits because of my age, why are you giving me the job scope beyond someone my age? Hell~ How many IT managers out there have a hand in everything from warehousing, logistics, data entry, EDI, systems development, network infrastructure, speaks 4 languages (Eng/Chi/Cant/Jap) and listen to Accounting problems in HK and China?

No matter what they give me this year, it's probably going to be fine with me... Probably is the keyword here... I'm human after all... But I have had enough with this company, this job and this SAR. Come January 2011 I should be ready to leave this company so this increment will only be effective for a little more than 9 months.

I would like to forgive this company for all the shit it has given me over the past 7 years. To forgive and to forget. Good lessons learnt. I'm still looking forward to seeing what kind of bonus I will be getting. Hopefully I'll be getting a bit more than the pile that my mutt dishes out on a daily basis...


Joyce Lau said...

Black and White -- This year, all we got was a reversal of the 10% salary cut we got last year.
I guess that's good. It's nice to have my salary back to where it was. But there was definitely no increase and hasn't been for a couple years.
I don't even want to think about what our big bosses in New York make!

WhiteDuskRed said...

I don't know the financial health of your company so I can't say if a 10% salary cut was justified. Personally I thought the pay freeze for my company last year was the correct thing to do (although as an employee its always outrage when you don't get an increment, even if you don't deserve it!).

No increase for several years will cause the ground staff to lose morale. Furthermore with rising prices of property, goods and food alike, the pressue on breadwinners to bring home more bread will be increasing.

End of the day, the ball is actually on our court. Feel that I am underpaid? Just leave... that is if I have the balls. I will leave. I just don't want to leave and end up in a financial mess~

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