Monday, March 8, 2010

March on...

The most dreaded month of the year. Audit, appraisals, lots of increment hopes in the air... unfortunately the last part just doesn't come true 99% of the time. We have to live with audit. Its a yearly procession of paying someone to check you. Most of the time I see them playing with the iPhone. I can tell off a staff for working on the job and I cannot tell off the auditors... and they are like being paid 10-100 times more than the ordinary staff!

As for appraisals... the best appraisal have a criteria : enrich company in terms of sales volume and profitability

Now how is a warehouse clerk, data entry clerk, shipping clerk and IT specialist supposed to do it? I can't even bear to look at the appraisal form... Hack~ I just finished the appraisal even though I just started looking at it while typing the 2nd paragraph of this post.

However I am pretty much enjoying life at the moment...
1) I love driving at 130kmh every morning.
2) I love taking the public transport to and from uni every Saturday.
3) I love the e-commerce class (I hate the project management class... pure boredom).
4) I love going for breaks with my classmates and hear what they have to bitch about their work.
5) I love the spaciousness of the new rental flat.
6) I love the new apartments in SG and I hope they will be ready by April.
7) I love my dogs. They are wonderful little things and I can't wait to see them after work everyday.
8) I love sleeping in on Sundays.
9) I love to know that I have brought something special to someone in my life.
10) I love the fact that I have so many things to love in my life~

Having written all that. I'm back to grumbling... My company is wasting alot of money employing Japanese-speaking staff to serve Japanese-speaking only Japanese. Why the hell did these idiots get overseas posting when they can't even speak English? Not to mention the ability to use the computer. It is one thing trusting your own race. It is another trusting idiots from your same ancestor!

How much can a company save by employing a team of HR members who can converse in English + Cantonese only versus English, Cantonese and Japanese? Working in HK is already tough with English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. And then covering 2 sides of the SAR border is actually alot of extra work.

Oh well... the Japanese language factor is one thing that's keeping me employed... but then again if I am a shareholder...

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