Monday, March 29, 2010

My dry-swimming dog...

Dry-swimming is not Mahjong in this case!

Every morning I wake up, either to find my male poodle pup sleeping on me or waking up and getting ready to jump onto the bed. Though not at all a low bed, this being space-limited HK and we need the space under the hydraulic bed, he manages to jump onto the bed without any problem. The same can't be said of the little girl with its shorter legs and shorter body....

Even though I try to sleep as close to the edge to prevent him from jumping up, he somehow find a way to climb up from the feet end of the bed. And then in real commando style, he will lie low, flip over, and backstroke his way to my side and start licking all over my face!

I really need to take a video of that mutt's actions... Other people rear poodles. I rear poodles. Other people have poodles that goes to dog shows and win medals. I have poodles that will probably never win anything at dog shows (definitely not the obedience category...). But they sure will win alot of fans with their antics!

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