Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Renovations update...

Living Room A

Dining Area A


Living Area B

With the new apartments I will have 2 living area, 1 big dining and 1 entertainment room. The 2 apartments combined, with an actual floor area of nearly 2000sqft, I think I can hold a party/birthday celebration which can hold up to 30-40 guests? That's not including the swimming pool and BBQ area downstairs (not sure if I can book them for functions). My only regret is not able to get a unit on the same floor... But maybe that is for the better?

Less than 1 week to handover. Really wonder if the renovators can complete the place on time... Alot of things to do when I get back to SG next month. Furnitures like chairs and tables... I'm glad that my uncle can settle all the electrical stuffs for me. And thankful that he can help with the payment and relocation. Trying to be filial yet in the end needed all the oldies' help... I guess I have a blessed life? hohoho~

Blessed because even at their old age they still must do things for me. Blessed because at their old age they are STILL healthy to do things for me! If that's the case then I hope and pray they will always slave for me so that they will live to an old age! Muahahaha!

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