Saturday, April 10, 2010

Back from S.F.... sick and tired...

Got back from S.F.
Got sick.
Probably stomach flu...

Everybody's getting sick these days. Not sure where all those viruses came from. Alot to write about S.F. Alot of photos from S.F. But those will have to wait till I get the time to download all the photos from my camera. Been busy with exam and presentation (on top of being sick) to do anything else.

The good news this week : The relocation to the new apartments is a success. Everyone's happy staying there although school-going residents will have to sacrifice 30 minutes' sleep to get to school on time. Isn't that incentive to get into my old school which is just a 5 minutes' walk away?

Anyway, here are some updated photos from the new apartments. People staying there but still a work in progress because we're not there to buy furnitures like sofa and dining table! :p

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