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If you want a dog, please adopt~

Read the following post : Hong Kong Dog Rescue

Yes, even though I bought 2 puppies of my own, I must say that I'm a responsible owner. However, many of the dogs in this articles are victims of 1) irresponsible owners who dumped them, 2) unscrupulous breeders who dumped them, 3) offsprings of strays which were dumped in the first place, and many other possible reasons. In summary, they are victims of mankinds irresponsible actions.

One point I must reiterate here is the fact that dwellers in public housing cannot rear dogs. Many private developments in HK also have something against pets. I always thought that having a pet is a sort of right that is a given in any developed city. I clearly forgotten that this is HK...

So people who have no means to buy/rent landed properties are left with no option but to stay in public housing. Yet they have a desire to keep a pet. Even though they know that they cannot keep animals in their flat, they went ahead and bought one. The dogs made a little noise, a neighbour complained and they get official summons to get rid of the dog.

So who suffers here? No one in any frame of mind will give up his roof to roam the streets with the dog. So the dog gets the boot, we get more strays on the streets and we get offsprings of strays running around the city~

I know rules are rules but sometimes I question the use of these rules... Is it such a nuisance/health hazard/danger to have a dog in public housing? I have kids next door who make more noise! Not to mention the overnight mahjong sessions where I used to stay~

I think its a good time for public housing occupants who wants a dog to adopt from HKDR now. They may have to give up the dog in the near future and return to HKDR but hopefully by that time they would have found and prep up a place to accommodate all those dogs.

And f--k the stupid housing departments for stupid rules~


"Just Me" said...

But the thing is that most dog ban are not new house rules... So unless it's a sudden new addition, I would think it's more irresponsible for dog owners to buy a dog without clearing with the management and end up having to abandon the dogs. I do agree that some kids and noisy neighbors are worse than dogs barking but sometimes it goes beyond that. Some people with asthma may not react well to dogs, or some pets gets flea and it may spread, or some dogs may just bite or no reason...

Since it's harder to train owners to be responsible in such compact living, iguess it makes sense to them to ban dogs...

WhiteDuskRed said...

I think quite a few owners out there don't even know they cannot keep a dog In their apartment. They see neighbours walking their dogs and assume its fine. Frankly speaking how many of us can actually tell which rules are real? And then one day the management take out the rule book and start clamping down.

But my real irk is the fact that public housing doesn't allow dogs. I read somewhere that cats are OK. So why not dog? I mean... HDB is superior on this one.

There are ways to deal with noisy dogs but a wholesale ban on dogs is not fair for public housing dwellers.

Nomad said...

Everyone moving into complex are definitely given the management booklet...I read it, just for the hell of it. hence, I always tell people, "Ignorance" is not excuse. And unless u are a monkey, dont assume everything judging by what other people behave. So seeing neighbours having dog and rushing out to get one as well is not a valid reason for my sympathies to the owners, though i certainly feel sorry for the dogs. The thing I hate about some people is they cry foul with "ignorance" claim when they should make the effort to find out more. Sorry, that doesnt fly for me.

As for public housing in HK, that I am not sure how it works...but apart from expats, the locals should know better than to claim ignorance.

Well life is never fair when we are standing on the persecuted side. Example: Smokers think its unfair with the widespread ban infringing on their rights. We say its cancer inducing but smokers live up to 80 constantly defy that claim.

Another example, I think its whole damn unfair to stick crying babies in the airplane because they cry like hell and keep me awake thru the 14hrs long haul flight but I still have to pay the same esconmy fare as their parents. Its unfair to people like us too but we just live with it.

As for HDB, unless they have lifted the ban...i rem my malay colleague use to tell me cats are legally not allowed to be bred in SG, only dogs up to certain size can. So question is, was this law enforced? I frankly never know after 30years.

I dunno what are the ways to deal with noisy dogs, because apparently nothing worked for that noisy dog of my neighbor. We tried hinting to the owner, we try the official channel thru mgment but nothing works. Someone even tried calling the police....Quite frankly, i would have love to posion that damn bastard if I didnt like dogs in the first place....

Life is conflicting. We live in a community and different country abide different laws and rules. So I guess we just have to suck it up and live with it, otherwise like some good people we, we pack our bags and leave the town:P

WhiteDuskRed said...

Management booklet... that is something new for me again... I had something like that when I bought my last place but I don't remember seeing it when I rented this place.

HDB still have that ban on cats.
Flat owners are not allowed to keep cats in HDB flats, as it is generally difficult to confine cats within the flat premises. Nuisance caused by cats such as shedding of their fur, defecating/urinating in public areas or even the caterwauling sounds that they make can cause a lot of disturbance, which affects the environment and disrupts neighbourliness in our housing estates.


In HK, they wrote this... "As cats are considered to create lesser nuisance than dogs, tenants are allowed to keep cats provided the cats are desexed. To facilitate the new arrangements, the grace period for keeping pets granted at the launch of the Marking Scheme will be extended to the end of October."

I don't know who to believe anymore!!! wahahaha~

Basically, the story differs in both cities. In Singapore you must stay better than HDB if you want a cat. In HK, you must stay better than public housing if you want a dog.

In any case, its my last year here. Will pack my bags and bring my dogs back to SG. At least they are welcome in all parks in Singapore...

Joyce Lau said...

Nice post.
It's ridiculous for housing estates, public or private, to ban small animals, so long as their owners care for them and they don't make noise or a mess in shared spaces.

"Just Me" and "Nomad" -- I don't agree. Just because some rules exist doesn't mean they are good rules. Why deny maybe hundreds of thousands of Hong Kongers the right to have pets like everyone else in the world?

I live in private housing, and I think the management company is strict to an extreme. I can't even get into the building without my Octopus card, even if the guard recognizes me AND I have my residence card.

Of course, we want protection from robbers or random strangers wandering the halls. And if there's an aggressive or noisy animal, it should be stopped. But otherwise, let people live.

White Dusk Red is right -- the terms are confusing. When we bought the place, we asked other residents and our estate agent the rules, and were told that small animals were allowed. We asked for a copy of the building management handbook section on pets, and never got one.

So we got a cat. Now there are signs in the lobby with big, red crosses through animal cartoon figures. Does that mean our cat is banned? Thank god he's quiet.

We would never give him up to a shelter. We're rather fight it out with building management. And we got him desexed as soon as he was old enough.

P.S. How sad that nobody commented on the main theme on this post, which was not the minutae of real estate housing rules, but animal welfare!

WhiteDuskRed said...

Thanks Joyce, good to see you back.

I think its more about human rights than animal welfare. In any case, both humans and dogs lose...

Dogs were allowed in public housing prior to 2003. Something happened then (something like cleaning up the area because of SARS?) and dogs just became unhealthy and dangerous.

So there you have it~ HK rules that came about in the 21st century because of a virus nobody has an answer to but blamed on the dogs.

My mum would be in trouble if SARS was coughed out from an old woman! But luckily she stays in Singapore and not HK.... phew~

fumier said...

Kids being noisier than dogs is NOT an argument for dogs. Do you see where I'm going on this?

WhiteDuskRed said...

Of course kids and dogs cannot be in the same argument. Housing are for people and not dogs.

Too many frustrations with raising 2 dogs in HK. Sooner or later it will be just as frustrating to raise kids what with the pollution and the small flats~

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